Who is really the tiger?
India and the Mahabharata
Future of captive tigers
The giant cat syndrom
China the Empire of one million tigers
Siberia, nucleus of a multicontinental civilization
North America: 10 000 captive tigers and huge wild areas
Europa: bringing occidental tigers to life again
Africa: a future in southern territories
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Wild tigers on four continents: the key of future.

2 millions years ago, a family of faintly striped chinese "cave" lions plunged inside swampy vegetation of Yellow River basin, probably to escape from other clans'competition. Several generations later, tigers were born from this event. From their refuge, they could expand afterwards to the North beyond parallel 70th and to the South up to Borneo. At the end of the Pleistocene, their distribution went even to west, up to Oriental Europa. Protected during historical times by influence of indian culture throughout southern Asia, tigers have then submitted the tremendous collapsus of modernity. Audacious rewilding programs of captive tigers in prepared areas could offer a strongly securized future for the biggest and most beautiful cats in the world. America (particularly USA) and Europa might have major roles and responsibilities in this action, as they have all means to actually build an efficient protection for tigers worldwide, their own territories included.

Next december, on this site,new elements upon: caspian tiger and his faunal environment; polymorphic tigration processes in lions; A new comprehensive reading of the Mahabharata....

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  September 14th : China offers to other ASEAN countries to make a particular effort and take strong initiatives to fight poaching and traffic
  Published on: 07/09/2028

On September 8th, a paper of Thomas Vinod, collaborator of the World Bank, was published by The Times of India under... 

  24 December 2007: Thaï forests can home 2000 tigers
  Published on: 08/03/2024

Existant forests in Thaïland could heberge up to 2000 tigers if an efficient antipoaching policy were put in place 

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