Who is really the tiger?
Future of captive tigers
The giant cat syndrom
India and the Mahabharata
China the Empire of one million tigers
Siberia, nucleus of a multicontinental
North America: 10 000 captive
tigers and huge wild areas
Europa: bringing occidental tigers
to life again
Africa: a future in
southern territories
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USA, EUROPA and RUSSIA can easily offer a strong, solid, and viable in the long term future for tigers : they have all human, technical and financial means for that. They can realize ambitious rewilding plans for these animals in huge wild areas on their own territories.

They must change their present management of captive big cats, that is, thus different of the chinese one, at least as destructive, both directly and indirectly.

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Immense historical responsibilities

Rewilding : urgency and opportunity

Present policy : hypocrisis, hell and doom

Conclusion and bibliography


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