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Published on : 2020-11-07
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Published on : 0000-00-00
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Published on: 2028-09-07
September 14th : China offers to other ASEAN countries to make a particular effort and take strong initiatives to fight poaching and traffic


September 14th : China offers to other ASEAN countries to make a particular effort and take strong initiatives to fight poaching and traffic of wild animals parts towards the interior market of the country.
This communication is made 3 months after failure of tiger trade (firstly chinese) lobbyists at CITES, 2 months after their new proposals of lifting the ban under some conditions and one month after new and important discredit upon their arguments about compatibility between trade and conservation.
Two weeks before the mid september communication (August 30th), Indian government accepted dramatic situation of tigers as a reality and seemed to be conscious that what indians were going to try might absolutely succeed to avoid tiger total extinction in the wild.
One week later (September 7th), a responsable of Harbin tiger farm explained that many individuals could be candidates to rewilding. On 800 siberian individuals in Harbin, he considered that 200 had sufficient genetic richness for that.
On September 12th, another intervention precized that tigers could be saved through massive production (intensive breeding).
These ideas had been firstly proposed since months by the webmaster of this site…
On September 8th, a paper of Thomas Vinod, collaborator of the World Bank, was published by The Times of India under the title « Last chance to save tigers ». Amongst many other considerations, he insisted on necessity of strong cooperation between India and China to drastically reduce illegal trade between these two countries.
In addition, he indicated that Gir lions were now poached, skinned, and their parts sold as tiger products.
Are there discrete negociations between India and China ?
In any way, if China concretely acts against illegal trade in ASEAN countries, it could be rather efficient as chinese authorities have credibly a good knowledge of traffic nets.
If some tiger farms engage rewilding plans, China could obtain a much more international sustain in this ecological and anthropological keystone subject.
But in a second time, they would be in better position to lift trade ban at least for some other tiger farms.
Nevertheless, the present situation is not still this, as announce and communication are not solid and deep actions…
But China moves, while India announced acts (several times since 2005) without any sufficient mean and adapted initiative to the situation, tiger reserves successively emptied…
America, Russia and Europa would have the biggest interest to quickly elaborate common concrete plans of sanctuarization and exchanges of tiger individuals and wild territories, as endly, that would truly be « the last chance to save tigers ».
Alain Sennepin