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Published on: 0000-00-00
A chinese tiger rediscovered in the wild for the first time since decades?


China Daily. October 13.

XI'AN - The Penthern tiger (South China Tiger), a species unique to China, has reappeared in the wild after a gap of two decades in the Qinling Mountains of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

"We made a breakthrough after more than one year of investigation," said Zhu Julong, deputy director of Shaanxi Forestry Administration Bureau, on Friday in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province.

Zhou Zhenglong, a farmer in Zhenping County, West China's Shaanxi Province, shows a photo of the Penthern tiger (South China Tiger) he took on the mountain on October 3. [Xinhua]

According to Zhu, Zhou Zhenglong, a farmer in Wencai, a village in Zhenping County, took photos of the animal on the mountain on October 3.

"After the careful examination, experts confirmed the authenticity of the photos," he said. "That means the tiger has been found again after more than 20 years."

In recent years, the provincial forestry bureau received a number of reports from local farmers saying that they saw big animals like tigers living in the mountains near their villages, prompting the bureau to launch its investigation in June 2006, said Zhu.

"After two stages of the investigation, we found the tigers' pawprints, feces, hair, teeth, paw marks on tree trunks and other important evidence on the mountains," said Lu Xirong, deputy director of Shaanxi Wild Animal Management Station and head of the investigation team.

On July 6, the provincial forestry bureau held a working conference in which experts, after careful analysis and screening, initially determined that the Penthern tiger still lives in the mountainous area.

"The pictures of the tiger taken by Zhou Zhenglong confirmed the existence of the animal in the area," Lu said.

"I also found a tiger's cave and some paw marks near the place where I took the pictures," said Zhou.

The South China tiger was listed as one of 10 highly endangered species in 1996 by the International Natural Conservation Alliance. At present, there are only 68 such tigers living in 18 zoos in China.

"The mountainous area in Zhenping County has very good conditions including a well-protected forest and rich resources, and we will take measures to further protect both the animal and its living environment," said Zhu.

At the present time, photos and films submit complementary analysis as some experts have doubts on their authenticity (China Daily, October 25, Times, October 31).

Already in 2006, provincial forestry officials had organised a survey but were unable to confirm claims by villagers of 17 tiger sightings. However, they reported finding footprints, hair and teeth of tigers during their search.

Doubts increase about the authenticity of at least one photo (11 and 16 November 2007).
Submitted by Tigerli on SUN, 11 November 2007
The State Forestry Administration has dispatched a survey team to Zhenping County of Shaanxi province, following the raging debate on the authenticity of the Wild South China Tiger photo in China. The team consists of ten experts and is led by Director General Mr. Wang Wei of the Wildlife Conservation Department of the SFA. The team aims to spend the winter of 2007/2008 surveying the entire 1000 square kilometers of Zhenping and its neighbouring areas which include Daba mountain.

In 2003 a Sino-SA team led by Save China's Tigers visited part of Daba Mountains to survey potential candidate sites for the reintroduction of the South China Tigers. Local authorities had recounted sightings of South China Tigers by local residents.

Mr. Wang Wei's team aims to survey the status of wild South China Tiger, identifying its range and population. The method applied will consist of a mix of manual collection of physical evidence and infra-red camera trapping. Save China's Tigers is sourcing infra-red cameras for the survey from overseas suppliers.
Nov 16, 2007 Xinxi Times
A Netizen Panzhihua discovered that the tiger poster on the wall of his home shared the same features as the tiger in Zhou's photos. Even the stripes were the same. The only difference was the ears.
Netizen Wuji analyzed the photo and identified the manufacturer as Yiweisi Poster and Packaging Company of Zhejiang province. ( http://ywswstcy.cn.china.cn/)
A netizen contacted the Poster company and was given confirmation that this poster was distributed around the country five or six years ago and this poster was indeed one of their products. The Director of the company Mr. Lu also believed that the tiger in Zhou's photo looked almost exactly the same as the tiger in his poster.

Alain Sennepin