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Published on : 2028-09-07
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Published on : 2024-03-08
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Published on : 2024-03-08
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Published on : 2020-11-07
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Published on : 2020-11-07
2008: india come back?   Read more

Published on : 2020-11-07
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Published on : 2012-11-07
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Published on : 2012-11-07
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Published on : 2007-08-09
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Published on : 2007-08-04
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Published on : 2007-08-03
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Published on : 2007-07-30
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Published on : 2007-07-27
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Published on : 2007-06-04
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Published on : 2007-05-24
Only 500 tigers in 27 indian reserves   Read more

Published on : 0000-00-00
A chinese tiger rediscovered in the wild for the first time since decades?   Read more

Published on: 2024-03-08
14 February 2008: 8000kms long corridor for tigers


New Delhi, Feb. 14: Tigers from eight Asian countries may be able to intermingle through an 8,000km corridor proposed by international conservation organisations to reduce the risk of inbreeding.
The US-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the UK-based Panthera Foundation have announced they would create a corridor for tigers to roam freely in Asia. The corridor would extend from Bhutan through northeast India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
“We’re not asking countries to set aside new parks to make this corridor a success,” said Alan Rabinowatz, director of science and exploration at the WCS. “This is more about changing regional zoning in tiger range countries to allow tigers to move more freely between areas of good habitat,” he said.
Wildlife scientists said the corridor would allow tigers to move from one area to another, and facilitate genetic exchange between what would have been isolated populations under threat of inbreeding.
“This corridor is intended to address the genetic consequences of the fragmentation of tiger habitat,” Ulhas Karanth, director of the India chapter of the WCS, told the daily The Telegraph.
A study by the World Wildlife Fund and other leading conservation organisations two years ago had found that tigers currently occupy 7 per cent of their historical range.
The study, commissioned by the Save The Tiger Fund, had found that although the number of tigers had gone down, Southeast Asia held the promise of sustaining healthy tiger populations.
A senior Indian wildlife official said India supported the concept of a genetic corridor.
“We’re still in the process of negotiating a bilateral agreement with Bhutan to facilitate this,” said Rajesh Gopal, the Project Tiger director. “We’ll need a formal agreement for free movement of animals with both Bhutan and Myanmar,” he said.
India’s Project Tiger officials estimated earlier this week that India had no more than 1,657 tigers left, but asserted that India had the largest number of tigers in the world.
The eight-nation corridor, announced by the two conservation organisations at a UN meeting this year, would represent the largest remaining tiger habitat. “It is feasible if it finds sufficient enthusiasm from the heads of states of each of these countries,” he said.
India’s Tiger Population confirms worst fears, less than 1500 (1411 as february official number).
Alain Sennepin