Who is really the tiger?
Future of captive tigers
The giant cat syndrom
India and the Mahabharata
China the Empire of one million tigers
Siberia, nucleus of a multicontinental civilization
North America: 10 000 captive tigers and huge wild areas
Europa: bringing occidental tigers to life again
Africa: a future in southern territories
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Europa has destroyed the Tiger, axis of endogenic antic culture, as well as the Bear.
This occidental Tiger was present, in the far past, on huge areas, from occidental China to the Black Sea, and even perhaps to Danubia for one part, to Nil for another part. He lived with hippos in near orient at the predynastic epoch, and with wolly rhinos in central Asia only 1000 years BP.
Europa must nowadays create new social areas for bear and tiger cultures and give them a new strongness.
In the mid term, tigers must be again present amongst european wild fauna, as i twas still the case in Turkey up to recent years.


  1. A slaughter in a complete indifference
  2. An extraordinary evolutive History
  3. The Tige rat the heart of European Culture
  4. Ultimate steps of a tragedy
  5. Sorrow of absence, hope of resurrection

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