Who is really the tiger?
Future of captive tigers
The giant cat syndrom
India and the Mahabharata
China the Empire of one million tigers
Siberia, nucleus of a multicontinental civilization
North America: 10 000 captive tigers and huge wild areas
Europa: bringing occidental tigers to life again
Africa: a future in southern territories
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During several millenaries, India, was, more than any other, the country of the Tiger.
On the whole territory, in numerous cases, villagers and tigers have lived in harmony in concrete « hybrid communities » of several hundred hectares. Some of them are mentioned in the Mahabharata, epic poem of ancient India that constitutes the founder text of indian culture.
During the historic period, these experiments occured on unrivalled space and time levels in the world.
After a tremendous – both for felines and men -  two centuries long colonial period, authorities of independant India tried in a first time to save the symbol of wild Nature, particularly between 1973 and 1984. But since 23 years, they have let tigers to a distressing destiny. The « TAJ MAHAL of NATURE » has fallen into ruins.
Now, India must vigorously act in conformation with Mahabharata spirit to become the country of Tiger again.


  1. A late arrival, an explosive prosperity
  2. The golden age : living with the tiger
  3. Occupation and slaughter
  4. A ruined « Taj Mahal »
  5. The Mahabharata : « the great Battle » 

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